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Our People
Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor & Xtend Barre Instructor

Caroline began dancing at the age of 3, working her way through RAD and ISTD examinations. She trained professionally at The Stella Mann College of Performing Arts and after graduating she continued performing and touring around the world.

Pilates was an important part of her training and she developed a firm belief in the amazing benefits of Pilates on her body and mind. She has taught ballet tap and jazz along with other group exercise classes. To Caroline, Pilates feels like an extension of dance, giving the body the good alignment and stability it needs. Her background as a professional dancer gives her excellent insight to each individuals special requirements, providing modifications to customize your pilates experience and making sure you have an effective, fun and graceful experience.

At Real Pilates, Caroline teaches a variety of group mat and reformer classes and provides personal Pilates training to private clients making sure they achieve their health & fitness goals. 


Certified STOTT PILATES & Xtend Barre Instructor

Dana graduated from the University of Scotland with a degree in Business Economics with European Economy and Language. She worked in the corporate world for a year and then realised that health and changing people’s lives was more fulfilling.  With a background as a highly recognised Certified Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor, she made the transition into Pilates and pursued her STOTT PILATES Certification – a goal she achieved in 2011. Before coming to Dubai, Dana taught in Paris and the Czech Republic. She enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, finding satisfaction in helping them become stronger and to reach their personal health and fitness goals.


Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor

Delinda’s own individual interest in fitness and diet led her to train as a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer and her experience extends from STOTT PILATES to Spin classes, BodyBalance, Free-Style Dance, Body Conditioning and Aerobics. 

Her enthusiasm for the health and fitness of children is where her passion lies and she spent several years voluntarily teaching primary school children in the art of dance and diet as part of a fitness regime designed to inspire them for life. She continues to improve and grow in her wellness and wellbeing experience and is currently studying for a Diploma in Advanced Nutrition for Optimum Health as well as working toward her Personal Training Level 3 Certificate.

Her aspiration is to become a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer and her motivation comes from meditation and her commitment to practicing a path in life enriched by health, and by helping others to achieve their best in every way.

With REAL PILATES® Delinda will impart all her accumulative knowledge in coaching STOTT PILATES to all individuals wishing to gain a greater level of health and well being.

Delinda has a STOTT PILATES Certification in Matwork, as well as Injuries & Special Populations.


Certified STOTT PILATES & Xtend Barre Instructor

Dora studied dance and theater at the Hungarian Dance Academy. She developed a strong passion for Pilates during her career as a professional dancer as a means of body conditioning. Practicing Pilates gave her a sense of discipline and increased awareness of alignment issues on her body that prevented her from any injuries while dancing. Since then Dora has enriched herself by attending courses and workshops in Hungary, England and Italy. In 2010, she completed her training and became a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor. Dora’s love of teaching is evident in her personalized and dynamic workouts. By infusing her sessions with enthusiasm and focused energy, she hopes to empower her clients to achieve and live their best.



Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor

Maja is Serbian/Croatian. She graduated from the University of Leicester with a BSc in Human Resource Management.

Maja showed interest in sport from a very young age, and played volleyball for one of the teams in Serbia. Her second passion was art and drama; she spent 15 years acting and touring with an experimental theatre group.
Maja’s love for fitness, movement, music and performance came together while attending her first Pilates class. It was love at first sight, where fitness meets art! Pilates became an important part of her life, and after taking a break from the corporate world to start a family and experiencing the enormous benefits of STOTT PILATES (better posture, body awareness, longer leaner muscles, strength, flexibility and improved balance), she decided to pursue a career in Pilates and become a STOTT PILATES certified instructor.
Maja is a Mat/Reformer certified instructor and is Chair, Barrel, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel trained.  Her passion is to help people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their goals, and to become a fully certified STOTT PILATES instructor. 
Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor

Manny is from Canada and has taken a strong interest in fitness from a young age. This interest later grew into a passion that led her to be involved in the various areas of professional fitness for over fifteen years. She started off as Personal Trainer in Los Angeles, focusing on boot camps, aerobics, and specialized plyometric training. She also loves track and field which inspired her to compete for Galaxy and Eliminator in the US. This passion eventually led her to switch to Pilates after she got tired from all of the training. After taking her first Pilates class she was instantly charmed by it and soon after, moved to Milan, Italy, and dedicated herself to the study of the system. Upon completing her initial studies, she returned to Canada and earned certification from the STOTT PILATES head office in Toronto in Matwork and Reformer. 

In addition to dedicating her life to understanding fitness, diet and wellbeing, Manny also has a strong interest in travel and fashion. She has lived in cities throughout North America, Europe and Asia and graduated in Fashion Design from the International Academy of Design in Montreal, Quebec.


Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor & Xtend Barre Instructor

A former contemporary and ballet dancer, Olivia’s passion has always been health and fitness. During her time as a dancer, she trained and performed with the Academy of Ballet in Stockholm, Sweden and at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, New York, USA. Olivia has always been passionate about Pilates; she believes that this helped her become a better dancer, as well as recover from a serious injury. In 2010, she decided to pursue her interest in Pilates by studying at the Pilates Foundation London, and since then has enriched her teaching with her experience in dance, movement and bodywork. Before coming to Dubai, Olivia taught Pilates in London, UK. In addition to Pilates, Olivia is also an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Advanced Personal Trainer REPs Level III.


Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor

Paria’s love of Pilates and her search for new training lead her to Dubai, where she trained as a STOTT PILATES mat and reformer instructor. She also attended the Merrithew Mindful Movement World Tour in 2013 to continue her education and train as a STOTT PILATES Total Barre instructor. Originally from Tehran, Paria has always had a passion for fitnessand loves to swim, ski and play volleyball and tennis. She has completed studioes in Injuries and Special Populations and is also a trained Zumba instructor. Paria is excited to introduce others to mindful exercise and determined to help you reach your goals.





Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer & Xtend Barre Instructor

While completing her Journalism degree in Australia, Elisha found Pilates and fell in love! She spent her college breaks taking multiple classes and this eventually led her to change her career plans. She studied to become a Fully Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor and Cert IV Personal Trainer and taught in Sydney Australia for six years. The STOTT PILATES method of exercise and contemporary approach to mind-body fitness peaked Elisha’s interest and so in 2012, she travelled to Canada and was accepted into the STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer Program at the headquarters in Toronto. Currently a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, Elisha trains and certifies those who wish to become a Pilates Instructor just like her. She also continues to attend various STOTT PILATES workshops to make sure her knowledge is always up-to-date.



Fully Certified STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Instructor & Xtend Barre Instructor

Liz is from South Africa and a very sport orientated person. 

She went to the University of Cape Town and completed a degree in Bachelor of Health Science with Honours in Biokinetics (Exercise Rehabilitation). Her honours thesis focused on the effect of core stability on lower back pain, and she has been convinced of the benefit of Pilates ever since. Liz has completed the full STOTT PILATES Certification as well as the highly sought after Rehabilitation courses. She has a creative approach to teaching with a high attention to detail, aiming to keep her clients interested and promoting maximum benefit out of each Pilates session. She has a special interest in Orthopedic Rehabilitation and focuses greatly on correcting muscle imbalances as well as general fitness training.


Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer & Neuro-Muscular Therapist

Paul joins us from Manchester, UK and has been involved in the fitness industry for over twenty five years. Through his martial arts and military training he has developed a real passion for doing it right. His teaching style reflects his personality, clinical and precise but with a huge slice of humour. In a profound way, he has seen how STOTT PILATES can change people’s lives, so whether it’s for fitness or a need to rehabilitate he looks forward to sharing his knowledge with everyone.

Ten years ago an opportunity arose for him to have a career change which he grabbed with both hands. Since then he has been gaining the knowledge and experience that has allowed him to offer the very best treatment solutions for his clientele, from the general public to elite sporting clients.

Paul is a Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer but also an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist, after receiving his training from Leon Chaitow ND DO of the University of Westminster and Judith Delaney, Director of American Neuromuscular Therapy Florida.





Certified Yoga Instructor
Iranian born Hodis fell in love with fitness at an early age. After graduating from university, Hodis worked as a full time trainer in Tehran, teaching Yoga, aerobics and step classes. Upon moving to Dubai, Hodis trained one on one with private clients, whilst continuing to practice and study other forms of fitness and develop as a Yoga instructor.
Hodis has completed her 200 hours Yoga Certified Teacher certificate as well as a certificate in TRX Suspension Training. She is currently in her fourth year of the Iyengar Yoga Teachers Training Certificate, a form of Hatha Yoga that has emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayana).
As her knowledge of Yoga increases, so does her passion for spiritual side of this discipline. Yoga trains both the mind and the body, by bringing the inner and outer self under control. Together with her passion for Yoga, Hodis also has a keen interest in natural remedies and nutrition which allow the body to heal itself given the right food and exercise, especially Yoga.
Certified Yoga Instructor

Sarah has recently relocated from NYC, where she was teaching yoga at Atmanada Yoga Studio while working as a trauma nurse. Sarah has been practicing yoga and competitive style ballroom dance for over 15 years. She received RYT 200hr yoga teacher training at Atmanada where the focus is on vinyasa flow sequencing and philosophy with a strong emphasis on alignment and breathing exercises. Sarah studies a variety of yoga techniques (including ashtanga, hatha, bikram, iyengar) as well as Pilates and Gyrotonics to complement her passion for dance. The primary focus in her yoga classes is to allow each student to work inward through the cultivation of prana (life energy) in order to open the body to awareness. Guiding her students through asanas to help them gain flexibility, improve posture, reduce chronic aches and pains, and improve muscle tone Sarah also focus equally on the mind and spirit providing a holistic approach to gain overall health and wellness.





Front Desk

Born and raised in Roxas City, in beautiful Philippines, Catherine completed her Certificate of Computer Science at the Philippine American Computer Education (PACE) before working as a Data Entry officer at Perfect Image Gym. Later she held a secretarial role at the Kapis Mansion, before deciding to start her Dubai adventure.

Since her arrival in Dubai in 2009, Cathy has been part of the very first Real Pilates team. Thousands of our members have enjoyed her constant support over the years and many were sad when she moved to the JLT studio where she has been instrumental in making sure that the studio is always running smoothly. 

During her free time in the Philippines she used to teach children catechism and she also volunteered several times to join the relief efforts after natuural disasters hit her hometown. Cathy loves reading books, camping and traveling.


Front Desk

Che-Che joined REAL PILATES in 2009 when the first branch opened in Palm Strip Mall. She hails from the Philippines and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.

Within the REAL PILATES team she is our frontline, as our Receptionist and Admin Assistant. She is friendly, personable and is always available to assist our clients and team. Che loves sports. Her favorite is volleyball and she used to be a member of the NCAA Women’s Division team back in the Philippines. Che also likes swimming and running. In her spare time, she also enjoys catching up with friends, playing table tennis and billiards. 


Front Desk

Hailing from Nairobi, Jacque joined REAL PILATES in January 2012. She has been a great support to the team, managing the reception, helping with everything from answering phone calls, booking classes, and everything in between.

Jacque has a degree in Business Management and Communications and also a diploma in Graphic Design. She describes herself as young, impressionable, constantly evolving and open minded. What Jacque loves about her job is the interaction with different nationalities and the opportunity to meet new friends at the same time.
In her free time Jacque likes dancing, she’s swept away by her favourite salsa and kizomba. Singing is also her passion as she used to be a member of a singing group Rays of Hope back in Kenya. Lastly, she likes to travel.
During Jacque’s last annual vacation, she found time to dedicate her time to conscious initiatives in her home country such as AIDS awareness and church projects. Her favourite quote is: “Insist on yourself never imitate”, by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Front Desk
Rita is our receptionist in JLT and balances her time between helping customers, suggesting the right classes for them, as well as providing support to make the reception run smoothly.
She joins us with over 5 years experience in customer service in Dubai. She notably worked for over two years as a branch supervisor in a well-known salon here and has great experience in building strong client relationship.
Rita grew up in Kenya and she has a Certificate in Computer Secretarial and International Air Travel Agency (IATA). She spends her free time watching movies, swimming and being with family and friends.
Rita’s greatest gift is her ability to connect with people. Her mantra is always smile, be happy and in every situation, be calm.


Co-Founder & Director of Education

Bita has played a pivotal role in helping establish and grow REAL PILATES. Today Bita is the secret behind the tremendous success of REAL PILATES as the Regional Training Centre of STOTT PILATES in the Middle East. With over 50 STOTT PILATES courses and workshops successfully conducted since the inception of the studio, Bita has helped turn REAL PILATES into the region's most respected education centre for anyone in search of a world-class Pilates education and certification system. 

Prior to co-founding REAL PILATES, Bita was the Director of Sales & Business Development of a leading regional IT consultancy firm specialised in project management.


Founder & Managing Director

After 10 years of wonderful corporate career in multinational companies, and despite a career path that many thought would be a mistake to abandon, in early 2008 Reza decided to answer his inner calling and dream of helping other people in a meaningful way by leaving the corporate world and entering the vast world of wellness as an entrepreneur.

A true believer that "the purpose of life is a life of purpose", and that the richest life is that of those who enrich other people's lives, Reza realised that it was the right time for him to bring together all the different elements of his past and present - personal background, culture, languages, travels, skills and aspirations - into creating the path for a better future.

Today Reza is the founder and managing director of REAL PILATES, a true mind & body haven in Dubai where he and his team of certified instructors welcome their guests into their Japanese styled sanctuary where they share their passion of helping people transform the relationships they have with their minds and bodies. And this is only the beginning of a promising journey as his dreams and ambitions are to explore other aspects of the world of wellness and continuously finding new ways of helping others connect with their inner bests.



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